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“Church of Nightmares: Part 3 - Life”

Posted on Fri May 13th, 2022 @ 7:18am by Unawakened Jaclyn Morrison & Unawakened Kai Irving & Unawakened Mattias Tonelly

Mission: Tales of the Unawakened
Location: Edgerton, Wyoming
Timeline: Current

“Church of Nightmares: Part 3 - Life”


She had lost track of time. She had fallen asleep and woken, soaked to her shoulders as she had slumped into the still water that had surrounded her. Her stomach ached. Hell, her whole form ached. Kai closed her eyes and willed it to end.

After three days, the Reverend called Monica into his office. "How is the child faring with her punishment?"

Monica smiled faintly. "She will not last the week Reverend. The doctor believes that if we leave her there, she will die. I believe she will be ready to submit though."

He thought about it for a few beats, then nodded. "Bring her up. Get her cleaned, checked out by the Doctor and fed. Then, secure her to her bedroom. She still has penance to fulfill before she can be allowed to move freely among us again."

"Will you wish to speak with her when her time is up Reverend?" Monica asked.

"Of course I will," he replied sharply. His tone indicating that it was an incorrect question to ask the shepard whether he would see to a member of his flock.

Monica merely nodded. "I will make sure she is dressed presentably for your conversation."

Somewhat appeased by her tone, The Reverend nodded in reply, then turned his chair away, as he gazed out the large window on the wall behind his desk.

Monica watched him for a moment. Then she said calmly. “Anything else Reverend?”

He shook his head after a moment. "No, my dear. Thank you. You have always been my most loyal follower. You will have a place by my side, when the End Days arrives. Together we will rejoice when He returns to us and burns away all of the sin of this world."

“I serve for his glory, Reverend” Monica said softly. “I hope his flock grows well”

Hearing her soft words, the Reverend moved over to stand in front of Monica. Reaching out, he took gentle hold of her upper arms. "With you by my side, my dear Monica, this flock will grow strong indeed!" He then pulled her in and kissed her forehead.

“That is my hope as well Reverend.” She replied.


Days had passed and Jaclyn was still in the training Room. Drugs, lack of sleep and over stimulation due to lights and fluctuating temperatures had driven her to a catatonic state. She was not replying when questioned, and just stared into space.

The Reverend watched Jaclyn over the hidden cctv feed that fed directly to his office. He could see that the girl was nearly ready for re-education. He instructed Monica to change the audio message slightly, adding more subliminal instructions to the currently playing feed. It was the next step in turning her into a willing subject of his congregation.

Monica did so. "Sarah cannot get a response from Jaclyn, Reverend, she is concerned that something is wrong. The doctor suggests lowering the drug dosage."

The Reverend nodded. "Very well. Do as the good Doctor suggests."

"Yes Reverend, " Monica inclined her head. "How long do we wait until we get rid of her Van and pet?"

He considered the issue for a moment, then replied. "Don't get rid of the van. Search it for anything of value, then place it in the warehouse, with the other vehicles. It might come in handy one day. As for the dog," he added. "So long as it doesn't cause a nuisance, I will allow her to keep it."

He was silent for a few moments, then asked, "Was there something else that you wished to discuss?'

“Simon has put his name down to be Jaclyn’s Trainer once she is at the required level.” Monica said.

He pursed his lips slightly. "That's rather presumptuous of him. Let him know that I will make that decision when I feel the time is correct."

“I will.” Monica replied. “If I may, sending Simon and Peter to the Haven Rest in Homa Hills, might be a better use of their talents. And after their acts..”

He nodded. "Yes. I had the same thoughts. Once their punishments are complete, inform them of my decision. Also inform them that, should they ever wish to regain my good graces, they would do well to behave themselves. He does not look kindly on those that continue to act as they did."

“Yes Reverend I will make sure the message is given and understood.” Monica said softly.

The Reverend nodded again. He seemed deep in thought as he did so. "These latest events have given me much to contemplate. I am going to the Retreat for a few days. While there, I shall pray for His guidance in these matters."

"Of course Reverend, our newest members will be ready for you upon your return."

He nodded his thanks, then released Monica to do her to do her duties.


The Reverend - played by Bill


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