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Unawakened Mattias Tonelly

Name Mattias Tonelly

Position Unawakened

Rank Unawakened

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 16

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 178 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Cerulean
Physical Description Mattias is an average teenager, of average build and average intelligence. His face is one that seems to be easily forgotten.

If one were to say that there was one thing that stands out on Mattias, it would be his eyes. The oddly powerful cerulean blue color of his eyes can sometimes seem like he has an ocean wave just trying to burst free.

As his parents aren't overly wealthy, he usually dresses casually. Levi jeans, brown Doc Martin boots, a graphic t-shirt of some kind, a flannel, button up shirts, usually unbuttoned, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and a ballcap with the unit patch from his Dad's old Army unit when he served in the military.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Sgt David Tonelly (Adopted)(US Army, medically retired)
Mother Baeryn Tonelly (Adopted)(Manager, Medical Accounts Receivables)
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family None that are known

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mattias tends to keep to himself. Whenever he tries to reach out to others, the connection either fizzles out or he is simply laughed at. So, he keeps to his video games and comic books, wishing he could be cool like his fictional heros.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Loyal

-socially akward
-uncomfortable in his own skin
Ambitions He always wanted to be a superhero, like those he saw on television and social media.
Hobbies & Interests -building plastic scale models
-collecting comic books
-playing video games
-eating pizza
Languages English

Personal History Dropped off at an orphanage when he was a newborn, his exact age is unknown. The various pediatricians that he has seen over the years all seem to agree that he was born in 2005, but nothing more definitive than that.

He lived in the orphanage for the first four years of his life, always seeing the other boys get forever families. Unfortunately, each time a couple would arrive, they would pass right over Mattias, as if he wasn't even there.

That all changed shortly before his fifth birthday. A nice looking couple showed up and glanced around the common room, their eyes landing on young Mattias. That couple was David and Baeryn Tonelly, newlyweds who were unable to have children of their own.

After going through the exhaustive vetting and interviews process, the orphanage finally signed off on all the paperwork, allowing them to take young Mattias, finally, to his forever home. It was the happiest day of his young life to that day.

As Mattias entered elementary school, he felt like an outsider, five minutes into the first day. It seemed that everyone knew everyone else. All except for Mattias. He soon found himself on the outer limits of every group of playing and happy children.

Every time he would reach out and try to make friends, it would blow up in his face somehow. He quickly learned that it was just easier to stay by himself.

Unfortunately, this made him the perfect target for bullys. On more than one occasion, he was cornered by a bigger child and would be pushed around, sometimes getting a wedgie or, if a group would descend on him, a swirly in the toilets in the boys restrooms.

Every time a teacher saw him, after an episode of bullying, they would ask to know who had done it. Each time, Mattias would stay silent, never giving up a single child who had bullied him.

This unfortunate story would continue and repeat throughout the rest of elementary, then middle and finally, high school. He would go to school, hope he could stay invisible enough to avoid the bullies. Sometimes he would go home unscathed, other times, he would not be so lucky.

Over the years, his parents had tried to help him gain confidence in himself. They enrolled him in martial arts, the boy scouts, even little league. Each time, he'd do the best he could, only to fall away to the roadside.

He found comfort in his toys, plastic models, comic books and video games.

Tragedy struck when, during his sophomore year in high school, he was savagely beaten, and subsequently paralyzed from the chest down, by a bully. The bully was a senior, by the name of Toby Douglasson, who was also a linebacker for the school's varsity football team.

When Mattias finally woke up, a few days later in the hospital, he was told that his injuries were so severe, even with the many surgeries that he would need to endure, he would, more than likely, never regain full control of his body, from the chest down.

Suprisingly, however, following the first surgery, he had started to recover much faster than was thought possible. Two weeks after the attack, he had regained nearly full control and strength in his upper body! He even started to build more muscle than he had possessed prior to the attack!

As a reward for his obviously tremendously hard work, his parents were able to find the extra mony and splurged on a gift for their boy. They purchased him a full-access, behind the scenes, three day pass, for the up coming Ace Comic Con. They were even able to provide him with a bit of spending money, so he would be able to purchase a few items from the various vendors that would be present.

His life would change again during the first few hours of the event when, while rolling through the vendor space, he came across a beautiful teenaged girl, which he felt was an angel from above.

The girl's name was Zosia Galatis, or Zo for short. Though he started out very nervous when they first started talking, during lunch together, he started to calm down.

Lunch, unfortunately would be interrupted when, in a flash and flurry of lights and sounds, Lorde appeared and began acting as if a sideshow was taking place. While originally excited to be a part of one, Mattias quickly began to feel that something was wrong. Then, when Lorde touched his shoulder, his mind was filled with flashbacks of the attack by Toby.

Suddenly, a group of heros arrived and confronted Lorde. Wyrmwood, herself, stood between Lorde and Zo and Mattias.

The whole scene ended quickly and Lorde escaped, allowing Mattias and Zo to go home and carry on with their lives.

A few weeks after the convention, Mattias finally faced his attacker in court. Toby Douglasson showed zero contrition or regret for his actions. Following the testimony given by Mattias, the judge sentenced Douglasson to twenty years without the possibility of parole.

For the first time, since the attack, Mattias finally felt a sense of relief. He could now move on with his life.

Sadly, life hit him again when, three weeks later, his best friend, Zo, had to move to another country, as her parents had been transferred for work. While they wouldn't see each other again, they did continue to talk, text and FaceTime each other with their phones.

Starting his senior year of high school, he was hopeful that it would be a quiet year.

Spring break of his senior year, a time that will always hurt the most in his young heart. His parents both decided to take the week of with him, so they could all have a mini vacation. Several plabs were made, as was necessary with his mobility issues.

The first thing they decided to do, was enjoy a day at Adventureland, just up route 110, in Farmingdale, New York. Mattias had always enjoyed going there, the few times they had gone before, so he was very excited with the plan.

Unfortunately, it would be the last day that his family would ever be together again.

After enjoying the beautiful day, the Tonelly's returned home, only to fall into a trap set by the Ice Queen, one of HYDRA's most vile agents. Mattias was forced to watch as the Ice Queen took control of his father, who first brutally Veatch his mother, then killed her. Next, as he was telling Mattias to stay strong, he was forced to take his own life.

Mattias was then rendered unconscious and taken away to a HYDRA processing laboratory.

As he awoke, he was greeted by a scene from a slasher film. Bodies were all around him, in various levels of disection. He started to struggle against his restrai to, only to have one of the HYDRA butchers behind to sedate him.

That was when his salvation appeared.

Though there wasn't much known about her online, other than a few mysterious images and stories, the mutant known as Fractal was one of Mattias's favorite heros. When he first saw her face, he thought she was an angel.

After releasing him from his bonds the pair started to find their way out of the slaughterhouse.

What happens next, is up to Fate...
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