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Mattias Tonnelly: A Rude Awakening, Part 2

Posted on Thu May 12th, 2022 @ 9:39pm by Unawakened Mattias Tonelly & First Lieutenant Bethany Davies

Mission: Tales of the Unawakened
Location: Secret HYDRA Compound
Timeline: Present Day

Again, Fractal winced slightly as Matty shared the memory of his father. “What did your dad do in the Army?” she asked, trying to keep the drugged up kid with her, even if the conversation was painful. She stepped around the corpses and made her way through the carnage of the lab towards the door.

"He was a Sniper, in 5th Group, which was the Special Forces unit assigned to the 101st Airborne Division." He paused, as the drugs continued to clear from his system. "But, that was before he got hurt during the war. Now, he stays home, taking care of Mama and me." He then started to cry. "They're dead! That woman made my Papa do things..."

As he spoke of his parents, the air around them started to feel electrically charged.

“Eva’s only personality trait is evil,” the powerful young woman muttered, then sighed. “It sounds like you loved them a lot,” Fractal said, fighting off the memory of her father gunning down her mother. Her half-sister had nothing to do with their father killing her mother, but she had been there that day. Sent to collect the wayward mutant for HYDRA. The Preacher had murdered her mother all on his own, had robbed her of the only person that had ever loved her.

The alarms sounded off suddenly, and the red lights cast an ominous, flashing glow in the dingy atmosphere just as she reached the door. She slid through the portal right before it slammed shut. “Okay, Matty, I need you to calm down and be as quiet as a sniper right now, alright? What’s going to happen is going to be weird, but you have to be quiet.”

That was all the warning that the young man got before a wave of light rolled over them, removing them from view. He could see her, being inside of the cloaking field that he suddenly found himself in. As they moved down the hallway towards a large double door, dingy lights and red beacons alike began to blink, then their light seemed drawn into the strange woman that was carrying him.

Mattias tried to calm down as Fractal told him to. He also remained extremely quiet. He knew, from what little credible information there was on the net about her, that they were now cloaked and near impossible to see.

His stress levels are extreme. Heart rate elevated, temperature rising, and his nervous system is heading into overload. Julius told Fractal as they made their way past other doorways that had locked down various HYDRA agents who had been busy at their assigned tasks. Probable imminent awakening.

Fractal’s eyes widened slightly and she put a bit more speed in her step. If he awakened down here that was going to cause some serious issues, seeing as she had planted a number of explosives in key places. The agent of the underground didn’t need those going off while they were still in the belly of the small base. “Display map fifteen. We’re not going to be able to take the lift safely.”

As the heads up display overlaid the requested map, the doors on the lift ahead opened, releasing a squad of ten men, then closed immediately and began climbing. She backed up to the closest doorway, hissing softly. The darkness that had been created by Fractal’s passing helped to hide the cloaked duo, but she knew it wasn’t perfect. She couldn’t make light flow through the boy, the way that she could do for herself, without causing him permanent damage, if not death.

The darkness of the hallway seemed to create confusion with the HYDRA troops, and they all paused looking into the darkened hall, proceeding at a snail’s pace towards the locked down laboratory.

Mattias closed his eyes, trying to calm himself. However, his insides felt like he was swimming several laps, at his physical therapy appointments. He was also starting to feel very warm. A small gasp escaped his lips as a rush of adrenaline pushed through his veins.

The soldier nearest them was so nervous, that he reacted immediately to the soft gasp from Matty, and he spun around, the butt of his rifle connecting with Fractal’s face as he lashed out wildly at the sudden sound. When he connected with something, his eyes widened and he pressed the attack, shouting, “Here!”

With Matty on her back, her motion was seriously limited. Fractal dodged the attacks that she could, but it didn’t take long for the HYDRA soldier to manage a blow to the gut that bent her over, and a nasty uppercut to the face that sent her sprawling, and sent her young charge sliding outside of the cloaking bubble.

“You want it that way? Fine,” Fractal muttered, a wave of light rolling over her form, revealing her to the enemy as she kicked back up to her feet, placing herself between the rushing soldiers and Matty. Her eyes flared brilliantly, but there was a cold darkness behind her gaze, and a ruthless efficiency in her moves as the first guy pressed the attack.

The mutant woman was fast, and without Matty weighing her down she was fluid and graceful. She dodged sharply to the side as the butt of the rifle came at her again, and wrapped her arm in the loose sling of the weapon, jerking it from his grasp and throwing him off balance. She spun the heavy weapon around and clocked him in the back of the head. In one swift movement, she raised the weapon, spun and put a single bullet in the back of his head, before sliding the weapon down her leg and kicking it to Matty.

“Hold onto this,,” Fractal said, then spun back to the remaining soldiers that were now charging towards them after the initial confusion. When the bullets started flying, a hot, red light rolled over her slender, strong body, and out towards the attackers as she swung her arm out in front of her, a ball of light unleashed from the palm of her hand, filling the corridor with a blistering beam, melting bullets, guns, armor, and flesh as it went.

Mattias took the rifle and tried to sit up and cover her. He kept trying to get a bead on one of the enemy troops, but he had only ever shot at stationary targets. He didn't want a stray round to ricochet and hit Fractal. So, he kept scanning, waiting for a good target.

There were only a couple of smart soldiers that had hidden the instant that she revealed herself. The others found themselves in a particular brand of hell, as parts of them had either melded with their armor and weapons, and other parts had been incinerated. Still others were nothing more than gruesome shadows etched into the walls behind them.The tactically trained young woman used the chaos to track the few smart ones, and in a rapid series of seizure-inducing flashes, she appeared before each of them just long enough to put an extra hole in their heads, only to appear back where she started before their bodies even hit the floor.

Fractal swayed ever so slightly. The brilliant reds and oranges of her hair had paled, and even her nano armor had taken on a slightly ashen tone. While her powers were somewhat terrifying, each use came at a cost. Their time was limited. For more than one reason.

As the fighting continued, a Hydra soldier came up from behind Mattias and Fractal. He quickly knocked the rifle from Mattias's hands and delivered a sharp butt stroke to the boy's right cheek. He then spun the rifle around and pressed the barrel directly against Mattias's right temple.

"You are lucky that the Committee wants you alive, boy!" The soldier snarled. "Otherwise I'd drill you right now!"

As he spoke, the elevator doors opened and a dozen more soldiers poured out, heading to engage Fractal.

She sighed softly, then turned her disturbing, rainbow-colored gaze on the man that had just attacked Mattias. “You’ll pay for that,” she said, her voice cold, distant. When the other men charged, a dark, sinister chuckle escaped her. “Even if it kills me.”

You need to reserve your energy, Julius warned.

“Yeah, yeah,” Fractal said out loud, in answer to the voice that only she could hear, as she leveled those odd eyes at the incoming attackers. She reached behind her back and a metallic clack echoed through the hallway as a pair of asps clicked to full extension. An electrical charge shot up through them as she made contact with the first HYDRA goon that got close enough.





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