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“Church of Nightmares: Part 4 - Faking”

Posted on Sun May 22nd, 2022 @ 6:48am by Unawakened Jaclyn Morrison & Unawakened Kai Irving & Unawakened Mattias Tonelly

Mission: Tales of the Unawakened
Location: Church of Eternal Light Compound, Edgerton Wyoming
Timeline: Current


Jaclyn woke on a thin cot, under an itchy blanket. The room she was in was not cold, it was the first thing she noticed. The other thing was that she was naked under the blanket.

She lay stock still and let her gaze wander the room. There was a chair in the corner and draped over it was ... clothes. But not clothing she would wear. The skirt was a drab brown and the... blouse was long sleeved and a pale grey. The underwear was hers, she could tell. That was something after all.

She lay there silently considering her options. The drugs were fading from her system, her head was clearer now.

Before she could move the door opened and Monica entered with another woman behind her.

"Ah good Jaclyn you are awake. How are you feeling?" Monica said with what Jac deemed fake brightness.

"Yes Ma'am." Jaclyn replied carefully. She eyed the woman who she could now see was wearing scrubs.

"Ah, this is Doctor Haylee Jones. She is here to check your arm."

"Okay." Holding the blanket up to cover herself, Jacyn sat up slowly and held out her left arm.

Haylee gave the teenager a warm smile and knelt and began to examine the arm, in its cast. "Does it hurt?"

"No Ma'am it doesn't..." Jac chose to pretend she remembered nothing. "Should it?"

"No. In about 4 weeks we will be able to take it off and you will be able to begin serving the Lord in other ways."

Jac nodded, faking the eagerness she did not feel. "Thank you Ma'am. "

Monica sniffed. "The Reverend wants to see you. Haylee will help you get dressed. Be quick" and she swept from the room.

The door closed behind her.

Haylee smiled at Jaclyn and her voice dropped to a whisper. "Keep up the pretence Jaclyn and you will be fine. Play the game."

"Why are you helping me?" Jaclyn whispered as Haylee helped her to stand and then dress.

"Because it's the right thing to do." Haylee breathed as she helped her put on her underwear and then the skirt and blouse. "Just keep the act up around the Reverend and Monica. They will be watching. "

She handed Jaclyn a pair of slip-on shoes and once they were on her feet, she led Jaclyn out of the room and down the halls and upstairs to the Reverend's office.

Haylee knocked on the door.

Monica opened it and waved Jaclyn in. "Thank you Haylee."

"Serving is its own reward." Haylee said and bowed as Jacyn, eyes downcast entered the room.

Jaclyn kept her head down and her hands clasped in front of her. She stopped when Monica placed a hand on her shoulder.

Monica was pleased that the conditioning on Jaclyn was working well. "Reverend, our newest child is here."

The Reverend was standing by the large window behind his desk. Hearing Monica's words, he turned and smiled softly. "Ah, my child! Praise Him! How are you feeling? I hear your fever finally broke?"

“Yes Reverend, Doctor Jones says I am much better” Jaclyn said, her tone soft, eyes downcast.

"Good!" The Reverend replied happily. "Now we just need to wait until your arm is finished healing. In the meantime, do you feel up to doing some light chores around the Church?"

“Yes Reverend, I can do that” she made her voice eager but her head did not lift.

He nodded his acceptance of her willingness to contribute. "Very good, my child. Monica shall escort you to the Church and assign you the chores. If you perform your duties to her standards, I will have a reward for you."

Monica smiled. “I am sure she will do well, won’t you my dear?”

“Yes Sir, Ma’am.” Jaclyn said submissively “I will do my best I promise.”

The Reverend nodded slowly, apparently pleased by her submission. "Then you may go and begin your work, my child. Remember, tonight, there will be services in the Church, so your duties must be finished by then."

Jaclyn nodded.

“Wait for me outside Dear, I will take you to the Church.” Monica said softly

Jaclyn headed out the door to do as asked.

The Reverend watched Jaclyn exit his office. Once she was gone, he spoke to Monica. "Keep a close eye on her. Something seems off with her." He frowned slightly. "I'm not sure what it is, but there is something different about her."

“The training does subdue them, Reverend. And, she was nervous around men before she came to us.” Monica said, “The Doctor assures me that it took. She would not have allowed her to be here if she wasn’t fully sure. She monitored and asked the questions and the girl answered. But I will watch.”

He nodded to Monica, then sent her on her way. There were preparations to be made before Services.


Haylee left Jaclyn with Monica, praying the teenager was a good actress and headed for her next destination, Kai.

She had known Kai for years and had done what she could to keep her safe, often using the words ‘too young for the program’ to keep her clear. But Jaclyn’s arrival had changed the view of Kai from a placid child to one to be watched and worked on.

She had managed to get her from the well, not wanting her real reason to be noticed but killing a child was not the way she wanted things. For years she had played the game, been devoted to the cause, all the while sending out reports to police and federal agencies. All of whom had tried to infiltrate and ended up with dead agents. She was also the one who arranged for those who were discovered as Mutants to be ‘sold’ to contacts. Mainly the Mutant underground where possible. Some she had not been able to save, some had been killed outright and those who had tried to run... she had done what she could to end their suffering if it was bad.

Pausing she keyed in her access code to the room where Kai was being kept and entered. The bedrooms were not under surveillance for the most part, just the training rooms and the punishment rooms. The door opened and she stepped inside.

Kai was standing by the window, dressed in a long dress, which, Haylee was the first to admit, didn’t fit well. And she spun as the door opened, her posture tense but it relaxed slightly at the sight of Haylee.


“Kai. How are you feeling this morning?”

The teenager gave a shrug. “Monica told me the Reverend will want to speak with me.”

“He will. And you know he will expect you to be...”

“I know. Submissive, contrite and loyal to the Reverend and the Lord”

Haylee nodded. “Kai, only a few more days, I promise.” She whispered to the teen.

Kai nodded. “Okay” She looked at the floorboards. “Haylee...”

“You are strong, you will make it Kai. Jaclyn will as well.”Haylee said softly. “Monica will be down to see you soon. Keep it up”

Kai nodded again and turned back to the window.

Haylee left her and headed for her car, and was soon driving away, to get medical supplies.

Kai was escorted from her room by Carl a short while later, to the Reverend’s office.

Carl knocked and when summoned, he opened the door and pushed Kai into the room. The Reverend was alone.

The Reverend looked at Kai. "Come closer, Child."

“Reverend” Kai said politely, subdued as she moved to where he indicated, and stood eyes lowered.

The Reverend moved around his desk to stand before Kai. "My Child. I hope you have taken time to pray to our Lord for forgiveness during your punishment."

“Yes Reverend” Kai replied, though she was not about to say what she prayed for really.

The Reverend nodded sagely. "Good, my child. Very good. You have much potential here, in the Church, my dear. So long as you do not allow outsiders to cause you to be distracted from The Way."

"I understand Reverend. " Kai said. "My path is clear."

The Reverend seemed to accept her words. Slowly, he nodded, as he continued to scrutinise the young girl. "You may go, my child. Go to Monica, tell her that you are ready to work."

“Yes Sir” She said softly and left the room to find Monica.

The Reverend watched Kai leave, a small smile on his face.



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