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Unawakened Jaclyn Morrison

Name Jaclyn Tabitha Morrison

Position Unawakened

Rank Unawakened

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 16

Physical Appearance

Height 5f6
Weight 100lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description She often appears somewhat scruffy and rumpled like she has just thrown on clothes. Her clothes are often hand-me downs and patched in the knees of jeans. She rarely cuts her hair, letting it tangle down her back and she often lets it fall in her face.

Normally wears comfortable low jeans and tops that bare her arms and stomach. She often wears a jacket over them, made either of denim or leather depending on her mood. She prefers the casual look. On her feet she normally wears loafers or running shoes. She always has her IPOD hooked onto her belt, the ear buds hanging around her neck when they are not in her ears. Sometimes she carries her laptop in a bag over her shoulder.

Jewellery: Sometimes she wears earrings in her ears and long necklaces around her neck.


Father Louis Morrison
Mother Michelle Morrison
Brother(s) Henry Morrison - aged 25
Jeffery Morrison - aged 21
Michael Morrison - aged 19
Sister(s) Kelly Morrison - aged 22
Other Family Stepmother from Hell: Yasmine Morrison

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jaclyn is rather reclusive and secretive. As she has left home she has had to rely on herself and her abilities to survive. She enjoys being alone with her computer and working on different Mechanical Objects. She has to have her IPOD with her at all times, that and her cell phone. Sometimes she even carries her laptop in a carry bag.

Likes: Computer programming, Reading,
Dislikes: Being without anything Electronic.

Quote: “Electronics make the World Go Round”
Hobbies & Interests Abilities:Computers, Building Computers and Fixing them.

Skills: Mathematics, and Languages : Speaks French, Italian and Spanish
Languages English, French, Italian and Spanish

Personal History Born in Chicago to Louis and Michelle Morrison, Jaclyn is the youngest of 5 children Her older siblings, 3 brothers and an older sister, are all normal and are now aged from 19-25.
She was raised fairly well and educated at a catholic school where she excelled in languages, computers and Maths. Until the age of 14 that is. When her mother was killed by a drunk driver when, driving home from the shops on Christmas Eve. Jac was in the car with her mother and eldest brother Henry. Henry and Jaclyn were injured but survived. The family got a massive pay out from the company of the truck that hit them. It was divided between Jaclyn, Henry and their father mostly with the other children receiving 10,000 each. Jaclyn and Henry received 50,000 and their father the same. He was already wealthy through, as her father was a lawyer and her mother, also a lawyer had substantial life insurance. Which was put in trust for the children equally to access when they reach 25.

Not 3 months after her mother’s death, her father moved his new girlfriend into the house. Yasmine Carrian was younger than Michelle Morrison and Louis was smitten.

Henry, who was 24, had his own place and soon found himself with his younger brothers looking to live with him. All three brothers tried to take Jaclyn with them but her father denied them. Kelly left home and Jaclyn has not heard from her since. Living with her father and his girlfriend was horrible for Jaclyn who retreated to her bedroom, often locking herself in her room, with her computer. Her grades luckily didn't suffer.

Two weeks shy of her 16th birthday, Louis married Yasmine who immediately told Jaclyn that she would have to give up her bedroom and move to the basement apartment, as Yasmine was pregnant and the baby would take that room. Jaclyn protested but her father ignored her and told her that Yasmine was in charge now.

Disgusted, Jaclyn shifted her things to the basement and set about planning her escape from the family home.

Her father had cut off all contact with his other children and Yasmine had removed the majority of Michelle’s photos from the house. But Jaclyn managed to hide and store several of them including all of her mother’s jewellery and other items.

On her 16th Birthday, Jaclyn packed her belongings, and packed her car. Which had been, surprisingly, a gift from her father for her birthday. She left that night, leaving nothing behind. Jaclyn packed her belongings into two suitcases. She took her laptop and all electronic devices, including her IPOD, Cell Phone and portable DVD player. She packed everything into her two suitcases, packed a sleeping bag and pillow as well as a backpack full of books, DVD’s and small bits and pieces she owned.

She drove away and has not looked back. Since leaving her home, she has been staying in shelters as she moves around and as she works to finish highschool by correspondence.

A few weeks after leaving home, she purchased a motorhome van and now travels in it.
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