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Another Day in My Life

Posted on Sun May 16th, 2021 @ 12:18pm by Unawakened Mattias Tonelly

I know this may never be read by anyone. Why would anyone be interested in me or what I have to say? But...Mama says that doing this will help me to let out my pent up fear and anxiety.

Midterms are coming up. I'm ready for the history and english exams, but the math and sciences are still worrying me. I know that I need to focus on them but, I'm having problems wrapping my head around all the math. Ugh! I hate this!

I wish I didn't have to do this stuff. I wish that I qas already grown up and out of school. Things would be so much better.

When I'm an adult, I won't have ro worryabout bullies any more. I just hate bullies! I want to make them feel as scared and powerless as they always make me feel!


I know, I know. I shouldn't hold hate in my heart. Mama and Dad are always telling me that holding onto my anger isn't good. I am trying to use the skills that I learned in karate and expel the negative energy while practing my katas.

Oh! One other thing! There's a new girl at school. She's very pretty and has wild curly hair. I think I heard someone say her name was Zo or Zoe. Something like that. While I doubt she would ever know that I existed, I just really like how brightly she smiles.

We shall see what happens.



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