Angel Eyes

Posted on Thu May 20th, 2021 @ 11:29pm by Unawakened Mattias Tonelly

Alright, here we go again. Another day in my old life.

It's been a couple weeks since Comic Con and I'm frustrated with looking weak in front of Zo. I've been working harder with Carlos and am finally getting some nice muscles going on my upper body. I'm no Schwarzenhoffer but, I am bigger and stronger now than tbe last time she saw me.

Zo and I are getting closer, we text or call or facetime or even email at least once a day. I know she's seeing someone right now but, should that ever change, I'll get in there.

Who am I kidding? I may think that she is an angel come xown to Earth, but I doubt she'd ever see me like that. I'm just the weak kid who fell out of his damn wheelchair.

End recording!